Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer Dress in the City

My feet never touched sand nor saltwater this summer. Instead, they touched a whole array of strappy flats which I wore with light sundresses. These gold rope sandals and white eyelet dress were my favorites. Maybe one day I can wear these to a seaside brunch or some occasion more appropriate than a suburban grocery run.

White eyelet dress from Topshop, sunglasses (which, by the way, makes my entire field of vision look lit by a warm sunset) also from Topshop, bag from Cotton On, sandals and butterfly necklace from Accessorize.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New City, New Clothes

I've spent the last 2 months moving from Manila and settling into Singapore. It hasn't been too long yet but I feel like this new city is already changing the way I dress. I do more walking here (I used to drive in MLA) so I'm replacing high heels with comfy flats. I also live further away from work (a mere 10 minutes back home). More travel time means less time to put together an outfit. So I end up choosing very basic, non-fussy pieces and the same bag day after day. I even chopped my hair to cut down on morning prep-time.

I'm a bit nervous about letting go of heels, outfit-specific bags, and "fussier", less versatile pieces. Let's see how this all goes...

Dress from Cotton On, zebra print belt from Topshop, cross-body bag from Zara, and purple snakeskin sandals from Classified.