Monday, April 1, 2013

Two Dee Lesley

So this is Lesley. And that's her Steve Caballero skateboard.

She's pretty much rocking the shit out of my everyday look fantasy: pixie cut, stripes + florals, skirt + skateboard. (It remains a fantasy for me because it took me two years to grow out my pixie so I'm not keen on a haircut YET and I'm not skilled enough on a board to make sure I don't fly off it and flash my undies when my skirt inevitably flips up [tentative YET]).

Lesley has some disclaimers on what she's wearing though: she says that (1) these clothes aren't even hers, they're her sister's and (2) she felt like she was dressed like me today.

I'm back!

Hey everyone!

I've been on long lazy hiatus and it's time to revive this blog!

But things won't be the same. I think I'm spent from my own self-absorption so instead of having the me-snapped, me-drawn format, I'm opening the blog up to YOU! Maybe once in a while, I'll post a two-dee-me again but probably only when I'm too lazy to go find someone else to pose and draw. :p

Feels great to be back.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fantasy Shoe No. 1 - Valentino Studded T-Bar Lizard Pumps

I want these studded, strappy Valentino heels so much that I remembered I haven't had a Fantasy Piece post in a while.

These shoes seem to be everywhere, on everyone. The Sartorialist snapped a few pairs of the kitten-heel version on spectators at Paris Fashion Week. Alexa Chung rocked the (only somewhat) more practical flat version at the Miu Miu show.

Photo taken from Net-a-Porter, where the fantasy aspect of this pair is reinforced by the unattainable price of $1,195.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Birthday Suit

Here I am in Manila during my birthday month in an outfit made of birthday presents. The bag was a gift from my boyfriend, Wayne. The top was a gift from my mom. And that hat, a gift from myself, is 90% paper (the remaining 10% is less-noteworthy polyester).

Nylon tote: Burberry, Top: Zara,Hat: Muji.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Balancing Act

When it comes to accessorizing, I tend to be too-bare or too-decorated. I've looked into a washroom mirror at midday and realized I should've put on earrings or been in the MRT in the morning and removed a ring and bracelet because I felt I looked too "busy". This one above, with a chunky agate necklace and a ruffled leather bag, I think I got right. I think. I think. 

Agate necklace: Aldo Accessories, Black ruffled leather bag: Steve Madden, LBD: Cotton On, Cardigan: Zara.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Imagine a Ruffled Dress...

If you try to imagine a dress covered in ruffles, you probably won't imagine this one. This refreshingly non-dainty take on a ruffled dress is by Japanese duo Hokuto Katsui and Nao Yagi for Uniqlo. Then tied at the waist with a neon green belt, I think it leans much more to charmingly quirky than overtly girly.

Dress: Uniqlo, Belt: Mango, Bag: Forever 21, Shoes: Charles & Keith